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Wyckoff trading method for ranging markets

Fully reworked primer on ranging crypto markets. Includes Wyckoff method for market phases and recommended TradingView scripts.

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Trading Strategy   last update 12 Feb 2021, 16:40 UTC Wyckoff Avoidance Strategy in Cryptocurrency Trading

Wyckoff method of avoidance means to trade only the best stocks in the leading sectors. How to apply this motto when trading cryptocurrencies?

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Richard Wyckoff’s trading method

This is where you find all articles from the trading blog about the most important Wyckoff trading and how to best use it for crypto trading.

With Wyckoff, you will need a good charting tool

TradingView is currently held for the best crypto technical analysis software, but do sign up for the free plan if you want to be the judge of that yourself.


Blog  29 Sep 2018
Script Spotlight: A/D Levels
Last update 12 Feb 2021: In this series we are picking and reviewing TradingView scripts for technical analysis that recently popped up in the daily popular feed.
Trading Strategy  17 Jul 2019
Technical Analysis: Divergences (With a Divergence Cheat Sheet)
Last update 12 Feb 2021: Divergence is a disagreement between price and an oscillating indicator such as MACD or RSI. It is not strong enough an indicator to enter a position, but it gives an idea of the state of the market.
Feature  22 Jan 2018
Another better Coinmarketcap - with a heatmap tool
Last update 12 Feb 2021: Bitgur has heatmaps of six different metrics: Not only price change of coins per time period but also neat stuff like unusual volume spikes.